Thousands of people every day are struggling to find an easier way to stop smoking. Many of these individuals are motivated to quit because cigarettes have been known to cause cancer resulting in the death of many people each year, not to mention the offensive odor it leaves in your clothes and hair The government has also begun cracking down on smokers making it illegal to smoke in parks, bars, restaurants, malls, 25 feet from entrances and windows, and almost anywhere you can think of, making a stress-relieving habit a hassle and less enjoyable. So what can you do about it?

Ecigarettes are a great choice and safer alternative to replace cigarettes for both the smoker and those wanting to quit smoking. They are acceptable to use most anywhere because they do not ignite or burn. The smoke released from the users mouth is simply water vapor that dissipates within seconds.

At Island Vapor we encourage the use of the product with a gradual step down process that lowers the amount of nicotine in the vapor liquid. Our liquid starts at 36 milligrams of nicotine and reduces down to 24,16,11,6 and then 0 milligrams. If you have a bad day and are craving more of a kick, don’t reach for a smoke, bump up your nicotine level! It works! I smoked for 13 years, quit and then picked up smoking again for 4 months. When I quit again I simply used an Ecigarette and it curbed all my cravings and worked better than I could have ever imagined!

Jess Lovely | President