Island Vapor is very proud to offer our customers one of the very best warranties in the Ecigarette business!  A full LIFETIME warranty for as long as you own your Ecigarette!  The only stipulation of this warranty is that you use Island Vapors fluid bought directly from our store or website.
  There are many different fluids and recipes on the market that may be harmful to your Ecigarette or even your health.  We request that you use our liquid to maintain a properly working Ecig.  If you experience any problems with your vaping unit, just come to our location or contact us by email.  You will need to provide to us information (receipts,credit card or bank statements) that verifies the purchase of our Eliquid at a maximum of thirty day intervals for at least a 90 day succession.  If your Ecigarette was purchased in the last 30 days simply bring in your proof of purchase!

*If your product was purchased online YOU will have to pay for the shipping to send the product back to us for inspection before a new part or Ecigarette is issued.